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michael angelo molinaro
is a self-taught abstract painter and photographer, currently on deferment from the George Brown Jewellery Arts program.

His unique style is an asymmetrical collection of influences, spanning ancient antiquity to the Renaissance to Abstract Expressionism and Banksy.

Themes of self-exploration and emotional expression are explored through a collage of fine art practices and the guerrilla tactics of street art.

Portrait of Michael Angelo Molinaro; photographed by Brent D'Silva in Brampton (2020)


Self-Portrait of Michael Angelo Molinaro; photographed in Brampton (2020)

Unconstrained by medium, his methods are eccentric, at times verging on crude and degenerate in application.


Through dynamic compositions and vibrant colours, his pieces emit drama and a sense of constant motion.


Artworks use a variety of mediums to layer into a collage of different brushes, paints, and physical materials until an organic topography of texture forms.


He strives to embody the philosophy of ‘Prolific Amateur,' a phrase as versatile as Michael Angelo’s imaginative and expressive works. Prolific meaning abundant inventiveness or productivity, while ‘amateur’ acknowledges a lifelong commitment to improvement and humility.


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Toronto, ON

Montreal, QC

Self-Portrait of Michael Angelo Molinaro painting in Brampton (2021)
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